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Should You Should Buy A Sony A7SIII In 2022?

The Sony A7SIII. I have one, and so should you.

In this list, I'm going to break down the top five reasons you should do yourself a favor and buy this powerhouse of a camera. I'm such a fan of this camera and everything that you read in this list comes from someone who uses it every day.


It's one of the most reliable cameras available

This is a camera that destroys other cameras at it's price point because Sony made it a guerrilla shooters DREAM.

4:22 10 bit internal recording. 4K at 120FPS Internal. Weather-resistant shell. 16 stops of dynamic range in Picture Profile 7. What more can you want (or need) in a camera for $3500?

I've owned this camera from the moment it dropped and I can tell you, it hasn't failed me once. The specs are amazing, the touch pad is quick along with the operating system allowing you to glide through it's menus with ease, and it can take a hit (though I've never dropped mine, I've heard they can take an impact from friends).

Another mind blowing spec I want to mention is the low light capabilities. Just like it's older brother the A7SII, it is a lowlight beast. At 640 ISO there is ZERO NOISE to be expected. Clean image all around. But then things get super dark. You're shooting at night and only have moonlight and your f/2.8 lens. No worries because you can take this camera ALL THE WAY TO 12,800 ISO and get an insanely clean image. It's amazing.

This camera actually holds it's value

It's no secret that the majority of camera don't hold their value as years go by. You'll see a camera drop in September for $4,000 , then that same company will drop a new camera less than a year later and the camera you purchased in September for $4,000 is now selling for $2,800 on eBay.

With the camera market blowing up more and more every year, that's how it is. There's only been a few cameras that I've seen not do this because their companies pace releases of newer bigger badder and better cameras. The Panasonic S1H and The Sony A7SIII (and II). Either one of these cameras are a great investment because they're both run-and-gun cameras that can easily be put on a gimbal and shoot Netflix Quality footage.

If you research both of the cameras, the A7SIII is still at the price point at which it was released, and the S1H (released a couple years before the A7SIII) is only $500 less!

That's incredible.

I guarantee this is one of the greatest cameras you'll ever own

How can I guarantee this? Because it checks ALL the boxes. I work my A7SIII every day on multiple shoots. I use it on the brightest of days where it's S-Log 2 is a must and tackles the brightest of brights and the darkest of darks in a single image. I use it on the darkest of nights where I crank it to 12,800 ISO and it can see better than the human eye.

So if you're saving up for a RED or expensive Canon... My personal advice is save that money and buy a Sony A7SIII.

Yes, you're correct, it isn't "Netflix Approved" but like I said earlier... it shoots Netflix Quality footage internally, and can shoot ProRes RAW externally. So if not owning a Netflix Approved camera is cool with you (it doesn't really matter if you think about it), then the A7SIII is the camera for you.

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