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Do You Really Need The New M1 Ultra?


Ask any of my family or friends, Apple is my favorite tech company ever. I watch every Apple Event, I consume their tech like nobody's business, and I basically live my life using their devices.

That's the life of an indie filmmaker in 2022. Apple. Apple. Apple. BTS on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Editing on the M1 Pro. Storyboarding on the iPad Pro.

Therefore, this article isn't hating on them at all. I would never do that. Instead I'm answering the question that needs to be answered.

"Does a professional video editor, filmmaker, photographer, visual artist of almost any kind REALLY need the power that the Ultra provides?

Short answer? No. But it's really cool.

There's absolutely no doubt about it.

On March 8th, 2022 Apple made history by dropping the most powerful computer chip available to the public.

I was STUNNED when I saw the specs.

800gb/s. 128 gb of RAM.

I was SO EXCITED, and then... I wasn't.

I realized that my MacBook Pro M1 Pro does EVERYTHING I need it to do flawlessly. I work it HARD and I guarantee it could even do more.

On my 16 inch, MacBook Pro M1 Pro I edit 4K RAW footage daily without using proxies. I can edit photos for hours and hours without dropping a ton of battery life.

The apps I use regularly that pull a ton of RAM like After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Lightroom, Photoshop, and more run seamlessly for hours.

Apple has provided me with an absolute unit of a workhorse that can run all off those apps I just mentioned at the same time without so much as a glitch.

Now, there definitely are visual artists that need the type of power that comes from the Apple Studio M1 Ultra, like if you're editing ArriRAW files every day, sure.

But rest assured you can save your money and grab yourself an M1 Pro. If you're like me and shoot off of RED's, C300 Mk II's, Sony A7SIII's, you'll have plenty of power and then some!

Check out the specs for the M1 Pro below!

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