I Will Not Say His Name

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Though this film will entertain, that's not it's main purpose. WE ARE IN COMBAT with mass killers, and this film acts as a weapon with which to fight. These cowards wish to have their names etched in history books, and this film argues that we should strip them of notoriety by keeping them faceless.

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Hungry for fame, a disturbed and narcissistic man plots America’s next mass shooting. After committing the atrocity, he takes cover at his family’s old vacation cabin. Waiting for the police to arrive, he eagerly anticipates his name to be announced on live television, only to learn he will be the first mass shooter to remain faceless.

Why Now?

So far in 2020, 262 people have been killed and 1318 wounded in 312 mass shootings


Each red dot represents a mass shooting

There have been 2,654 mass shootings in the USA since 2013

We believe this film can spark conversations that could potentially lead to decreasing the number of mass shootings in the United States per year.


Our overall budget is $46,122

We already have $25,948

We need $20,174


Drop Out Kings

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